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          Hematology POCT YH3


          World First

          The world first Coulter principle POCT hematology analyzer for individual test, makes it possible to get lab-accurate white blood cell counts and three-part differentials at the point of care.

          The best choice for small clinics, Nursing station, ED, drugstore, Military, Ambulance, small labs, etc.

          Only for POTC


          Microfluidics cassette No fluid maintenance


          Gold standard Coulter principle Standard QC and calibration

          Easy and quick

          One second start up
          30 seconds to result
          NO laboratorian needed

          Gold Standard Principle

          Coulter principle Lab-accurate

          Easy to use

          One second start up
          30 seconds to result 5minutes training time NO laboratorian needed

          Individual test

          Disposable one cassette for one test NO reagent waste
          NO liquid maintenance

          Lifetime maintenance free

          Leading microfluidic cassette technology NO liquid system and extemal reagent barrel NO need for engineers to be present